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The property can be occupied at 17:00 and must be left vacant at 10:00 (Act 30/1993, 8th of march, “Gobierno Valenciano”). Output can be extended up to 20:00 with a supplement of 25€, when property is not booked.

The property can only be occupied by the maximum number of people for which it has been booked. The clients will respect and accept the Rules of the Property in which they are staying and in the case of disturbance, excessive noise late at night and non-fulfillment of the rules, they will be evacuated from the property without being able to claim the refund of the days left.

In the case of loss of keys of the property, the lock will be changed and a new one will be paid for by the client at an approximate cost of 100 Euros (for security reasons). In the case that the key is left inside the lock on the inside of the door and it is impossible to open the door, the lock will be forced open and this will be paid for by the client.

The client will assume and will be responsible for any damages in the property during his stay, as well as for bad hygiene state of the property on the last day, it must be left in the same state as it was on arrival, furniture must be in place, without rubbish, neat and clean kitchen, clean floor, clothing collected, etc. If on arrival you find anything wrong or damaged in the property, you must notify our staff as soon as possible. Failure to notify us in 24 hours means that you accept that the property is in good condition.

On receiving the key of the property the client will hand over a deposit of the amount indicated, to cover the above paragraphs. The deposit is 20% of the total rental price unless another amount is specified in the property description. The deposit is never less than 100€. The deposit will be returned on the day of departure if there are no incidents, in office hours or if the client leaves outside office hours or on bank holidays, by bank transfer.  If the check-out is when the office is closed, please leave the keys inside the property (on the table) for review.

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